Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grand Canyon?

hey everyone,
so i've been looking at different tours for grand canyon and i'm pretty sure we've all come to the same concensus that: a) we don't want to spend too much money i.e. anything over $200, b) we don't want to be gone for a whole entire day

i found this tour that is only $114...is a total of 10 hrs (an improvement from 13)
its a bus tour not an airplane but we would be leaving vegas at 7:45am-8:30 and be back in Vegas around 6:00pm where we can still have the rest of the night to go out and do whatever.


this is the link to the $239 tour
it is by flight and we can go from 7am and be back in vegas at around 2am.
if we go with this option we need to make a decision quick as they will have to call in another plane for the whole group of us


and the last option which is the cheapest rate $80 and is the full day 14hr bus tour where we would arrive back in vegas at around 9:45


it would be ideal to make a decision by thursday so..
check out all the options and let me know what you guys think!

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Paradise Found Tours here, we noticed your blog from within our stats, and saw a typo...

    "it is by flight and we can go from 7am and be back in vegas at around 2am."

    The correct time is 2 PM not AM. =)

    and lastly....regarding

    West Rim Bus $114
    South Rim Bus $80
    South Rim Air and Ground $239

    All bus tours stop for a brief photo stop at Hoover Dam:

    The West Rim is a different experience than the South Rim.

    Here's some quick facts:

    West Rim: This is the closest part of the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas (120 miles and 4,000 ft elevation)and is owned and occupied by by Hualapai Indians. This is the tail end of the canyon and considerably smaller.

    South Rim National Park. This is the National Park owned by the government and is considered the most photographed part of The Grand Canyon and also the biggest (18 miles wide and a mile deep). There are movie theaters, restaurants, hotels and fantastic hiking. Located just 300 miles from Las Vegas (5.5 hour drive or 1 hour flight).

    Thanks for considering our company for your trip.