Thursday, February 3, 2011


Since my last posting I have generated a form which borrows from the typical shell/bandstand- an elliptical form created by the arrangement of steel members. I
I am looking to not only create a structure that responds to nature but one which also provides for its function.

In terms of form I am exploring how raised and lowed elements can create open spaces between structural members in turn providing the opportunity to explore light and shadow- these spaces between the structure can house lighting to create interesting lighting effects as it may be used for evening events.
Other advantages of pulling sections of the structure apart from one another is the independence of the moving components and greater geometrical freedom.
In terms of the actual structural connections each of the components making of the “shell” connects to a sort of ring beam. From here all steel elements fan out into sections which are then made up of two stationary members and one moving which effectively acts to control the motion of the shades(now looking to incorporate a buoyancy mechanism as a trigger)

Model coming soon!

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