Friday, February 25, 2011

More Vegas!

So it's been a longggg week in Vegas and by long I mean I think I'm actually looking forward to going home?
Sitting on the not so spectacular side of McCarran airport waiting for my delayed red-eye flight back to Toronto gives perfect opportunity to update with a few more photos..

Can't go anywhere in Vegas without your sunglasses.

We learned very quick that the streets are filled with eavesdroppers. Our suspicious friend Bryan here : "Did you say Tao?"

Happily taking the ride up to the Venetian Shops...

Only to take them down on the other side again. How very necessary.

Vegas isn't just for adults but for children too! Too bad all the characters are distorted.

Jeff again at the Springs Preserve showing us the trap door in the wall..revealing Straw Bale underneath!

Cactus Skeletons

One of the many many buffets we ate, and also one of the best at Bellagio. (where we also saw Mike Tyson...not even kidding)


Penn and Teller!

Christmas Ornaments on Fremont Street

La Familia

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