Sunday, April 10, 2011

Disaster Report 4B

SO.... After 3 days of toiling, I still have not much of a clue as to how to work the overall canopy... and with that the look of the building.... crap.

On the flip side, at leats some of the structure got somewhat done.... I think... the dark grey portions represent the concrete base, and the upper half are steel 'trees' that reach up into the roof... argh...

While the center of the space seems fine, the ends are where the REAL problems start... how do they end you ask? I'll let you know when I figure it out... but here's the summary. the long corridor you see in the first render and this one on the left start and end at the main entrance and the small theatre respectively with the pool and large training facility on its flanks. so that basically covers MOST of the BIG programming... leaving the cafeteria and the design studio that have been planned for on the upper floors... location still to be finallised... (they keep moving around)...

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  1. Notables:
    -consider making the dark grey "concrete" parts out of steel thereby really playing with the material properties to make something far more successful (structurally and aesthetically)
    -the transition between the steel and concrete is a bit jarring and begs the question of whether you are actually using the materials properly
    -if the same volume enclosed by the "concrete" parts were better dealt with as steel construction (obviously with some interesting lattice work), the connection towards a finer density atop the structure will make the design read better (specifically the barrel vault)
    -think of the top condition of the barrel vault as a canopy of joints that hold the envelope (whatever it may be) up; whether it is a network of spider joints or basic struts, the structure at the top must be considered to the point where there is a seamless transition between the structure and the envelope condition; it would be disappointing if the connetion were jarring