Wednesday, April 13, 2011

P4B progress!

Its 5am and the lab is still 50 degrees and rising (no joke)
if it weren't for the fan blowing in my direction every five seconds I probably would've passed out by now.
It also means that its super crunch time for the entire department of architectural science so make sure you grab your lab comps! (3rd yrs have a deadline thurs and monday)

so far after many failed attempts at designing proper spaces for my building i've begun modeling the building in 3rd starting from the atrium.
its been really helpful to model the circulation spaces and be able to visualize everything in 3D.

As Michael also pointed out below, it will also be extremely helpful for when i need to laser cut my model this week! eeks!
There are still a million things to figure out, such as my facade, structure, component. And these are all pretty much crucial its time to get ready for a crazy week.
For those that need coffee to get us through the week... because we all drink an average of 1 starbucks drink per day (don't even try to deny it)...

May the force be with you.

Stay Tuned.

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