Monday, April 4, 2011

Project 4A

For those of you who weren’t able to view my final submission for Project 4A, here are a few images from it.

Here are my previous concept sketches for the building and the massing model, which in no way is a reflection of the final product (weird).

As I previously had blogged, the components design for Project 4A was focused on lighting, both in its subtlety and its spectacle. For the subtlety aspect I designed for natural light to permeate through the building whether it be through an open clear story of plastic tubes or thorough the silk fabric blinds, which respectively cast a patterned shadow on the floor or create coloured swatches on the ground (in this case red).

In its spectacle I designed for the plastic light tubes as well as LED edge panels to light up. If it were my choice, the lights would only be white, but for the sake of venues or events there is a possibility to add colour, or much like the Cosmopolitan LED, allow for graphics along it.

For the silk fabrics, it is not necessarily going to be made of red silk, I was even thinking of making it available for the venue to silk screen ads for shows on them like advertisements.
I would love to further refine/ develop this component in the building, but all I need is time and considering there is only 13 days left to the Project 4B…heart attack!

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  1. You have ample time to develop your design and produce a decent set of images. If anything, the time-consuming portion of your work may be trying to find ways to simulate/demonstrate/represent the radiosity and filtering of light you anticipate with the rods and silks. The notion of advertisements as banner fodder is not strong and would quite frankly detract from the overall image of the design. Though it may have to be a feasible option in the future, unless you anticipate developing the signage itself, it is best to remain true to the clarity of the design intent.