Sunday, April 10, 2011

Structure HELP

So I need a little help. I'm trying to configure my structure to hold up the 9.5 metre deep pool.

I'm would like to maintain the same language throughout my building. . But at the same time, do not want to make a completely enclosed space within this transition point... essentially a cage...

Any suggestions would help in regards the most appropriate way to hold this pool in its given state.

Right now as you can see, I'm playing with parabolic sections from a hyperbolic form. Wouldn't I need to brace these sections together? Or is it not necessary... taking precedents from the OCAD building.

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  1. Well, using a quick conversion and assuming the water in the pool is static and the pool tapers from 0 to 9 meters then the weight of the water you are trying to hold up would be 1,485 metric tonnes.
    Of course, I assume the pool is all but static and it doesn't quite tapper that steeply (if at all) so you can safely assume you're trying to hold up some 2,000 metric tonnes of water at any given point.
    I don't know What OCAD has to do with parabolic sections, the "legs" on OCAD are rigid HSS that are almost a meter in diameter and are very carefully placed.
    In your case, yes, you would need cross-bracing and moreover, I'm not sure that would be enough... Mind you, this has been done before: (See third image from top, look closely you can see the swimmers)

    Have you considered suspending the pool from above instead of trying to support it from below? What if you had some parabolic arches that arched over the pool and suspended it from massive steel wires?
    I don't know if that's keeping with your language, just a thought.