Friday, April 1, 2011


Here are just a few samples of what I included in my final submission. For those who weren't in my presentation, I'll give you a quick breakdown. Essentially my component embraced two biomimetic systems: the stomata (controlling ventilation) and eye's iris (controlling light). In the building, this component would be utilized for a light well that would occupy the large training facility. The apertures of the module would open and close depending on the temperature of the space; the warmer the space, the aperture would open to allow cross ventilation of the space. (Noted from my crit, I will be designing several light wells penetrating through various spaces. I will focus this one particular light well for ventilation in the large training facility. - Instead of both light and ventilation... As it seems to contradict itself at times - The other main light well will be located within the design studio. This one aims to control the lighting within the space for the designers.

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