Saturday, April 9, 2011

Step Aside from Design...

So...No its not done ... not even close... But I figured I step aside from designing/figuring out structure and spatial design to see what we need on the boards.

It seems one board is sufficient enough for all material. Keep in mind, its A0!!! Huge!

I also recommend to play with portrait for the board layout.

Now to go back to designing. I'm in serious need to figure out the logistics of the theater and... my structure of course.

1 comment:

  1. Though the board itself may be huge, keep in mind that the imagery could be bigger given the relative scale of everything. Remember that SHOULD this project be printed, it still is quite dense and busy. Feel free to make the space breathe a bit more and allow the images to take charge of the layout. You are not printing off the boards, but for the presentation the review committee should have scaled prints on 11x17. They will be printed for you. During your presentation you will likely have to just keep your images in a coordinated order so that the audience is not squinting at their printouts nor would you be panning around such a large sheet on the digital projection.