Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Progress Report P4B - 5

I know we've submitted this project and I present tomorrow but I jut wanted to post a short series of photos I took of the sectional model I produced for this part of the submission which shows some of the simple, yet flexible, reconfiguration options of the small performance area.

Image 1 - Performance area from within the facility. The glazed wall on the ground floor is the internal facade of the cafeteria and as can be seen in the model, the panels move to open the cafeteria to the courtyard in good weather. The hold in the model here represents the edge of the pool. The second floor glazing looks into the performance area and would make use of "smart glass" (glass that becomes opaque when an electric current is passed through it) in order to make it darker when necessary.

Image 2-5

These images show the interior of the performance space and if you pay attention to the seating podiums, you'll notice they sit on a rail and can be adjusted to accommodate a small variety of show types. of course, during nice weather periods, the glazing overlooking the courtyard with the pool could be opened and shows involving the pool might be exhibited or shows involving the large polycarbonate wall of the training center opposite the performance venue.

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