Thursday, April 7, 2011

Parking ... Is that an Issue for YOU?

Hey Guys,

I've been playing around with the logistics of the facility... It seems parking may be an issue.

I have not spread out my programming all over the site and have maintained the min floor area. But it still seems I won't have adequate space for parking for both visitors, staff and performers.

Is it just me? (Please mind the messiness of my rhino file... but you get the picture)


  1. How many parking spots have you planned for and have you considered the possibility of going up yet..?

  2. Keep in mind a few things:
    -people coming in for tours would likely be using buses or cabs as you may recall from your own excursions to the various destinations on and off the Strip
    -the only people you really have to accommodate for would be the operators of the facility
    -training performers would likely need a couple dozen spots; these same spots would likely be vacant for the community programs after hours
    -as Dov posted earlier, going up is a "vernacular" of sorts in Vegas

  3. Underground parking could be an option... could it not? It seems its the "innovative" thing to do in vegas now. Cosmo is one of the first to initiate underground parking on the strip. Others to follow...

  4. ...except for the fact that unlike the Cirque training facility, Cosmo happens to draw ~$120 million each quarter which would make underground "innovations" possible!