Saturday, March 26, 2011

another weekend in our favourite place

As our Tuesday deadline approaches, our studio is beginning to look like a tornado went through it... We're working hard to complete our models, but sharing many laughs along the way. Through all the stress and frustratation, it's comforting to have such a great group of studio mates for encouragement and support (and love!) (Awwww.)

Loaf of Bread + Lemon Merengue* (over-heated styrene) = My model...
Stay tuned for the full reveal!
*No Vince, it was just a test piece.
How many architects does it take to disassemble a model?

library books being put to good use

No comment.

It glows!

Frank saves the day (again)

Jess confused by what sort of modelling she's supposed to be doing...

Now back to work!

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