Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project 4A

This post is a little delayed but for those who didn't see my project during crits yesterday (which I think is most of you since I was close to last) here is a little sample of what I produced.

Wall Section with diagrammatic shadow projections


Shadow study with physical model

Possible shadows as seen from adjacent highway

The crit was really helpful with suggestions as to how I can tie this 'shadow play' within the rest of the building. Playing with varying degrees of transparency amongst the program of the facility will ensure appropriate visual connections to each activity and perhaps create layers of 'screens' (such as this first proposal) that one may view the various activities through.

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  1. You still have yet to identify appropriate light throw distances and whether or not the fidelity and crispness of the shadows remains clear. Remember that lighting and shadow levels do not directly scale in this particular instance so it may be worthwhile to speak to a certain Ryerson prof with a NASA background...