Saturday, March 5, 2011

Establishing a Spectrum

After doing some initial research I have put together the following chart of some potential 'players' to be features in my essay. The spectrum still needs to be narrowed down and sorted out but it is a helpful way of documenting each hotel for comparison purposes. The categories to the left (Shows, Gaming, Amenities, Retail/Hospitality) are ordered in a hierarchy... Sex-themed shows being the most obvious place to 'judge' the hotels, followed by their casinos (because they are the crux to most hotels) then the amenities (clubs and pools which attract large crowds) and finally restaurants and shops that allude to sex but in a less explicit manner.

1 comment:

  1. Based on your organization of information, would it not be ideal to prioritize, from lowest to highest, your parameters in the following order:
    Amenities, Shows, Hospitality/Retail, and then Gaming?
    The other issue that comes about is your definition of "amenities" and "hospitality/retail". In the former, you seem to position clubs as amenities to hotel patrons which is at odds with the nature of the clubs under the same heading. With the latter, does hospitality not overlap with clubs and to a certain degree your retailers? I think the overall argument could work but you must spend a bit more time and effort on defining for yourself and in the presentation your approach and givens before presenting your position.