Thursday, March 17, 2011

LV: Virtual Log

And my trend of delaying posts till they're completely irrelevant persists. Here is what i had intended on completing about 2 or 3 weeks ago after having visited Las Vegas with Studio.

...It is used to track my experiences there in reference to time and space.

...oh and to make things look complex though it doesn't really mean anything! Yeah! That's awesome!

On a more serious note, it's a visual diary in in the sense that being able to track these flows in a visual manner rather than through reading words triggers the memory of these experiences for me. From the perspective of an outsider it tracks this experience in an objective manner that is, honestly, devoid of any real human voice. Yes, that's a negative aspect about it and was an interesting result from this exploration.
The infographic is pure data. It is not compromised by opinion, nor does it measure the human experience as a subjective value. Hmm, is that what your Independent Study is about, Smash?

Clicking the image will open up the higher resolution version. EDIT: Turns out it doesn't uplaod the full resolution image. Hopefullly i can find a site to host it that i can link to.

Organized by day, dotted lines on the map represent distance walked, and solid lines distance covered by vehicular modes. Dots represent places/experiences These are linked to the date and are ordered according to when that visit took place during that day. Any images included represent only that which had been experienced the first time (therefore just because i visited the wynn more than once, doesn't mean that image will show up more than once, though the line that represents it will).

Making this, honestly i imagined it as though an interactive website. That'd be a more appropriate viewing platform for this sort of thing.

On a more human note, two new beers i tried:

And in order to perpetuate another trend that my posts adhere to, here come the embarrassing photographs:


  1. Very intriguing image that could be used for future studio trips - layers of information could be added in the future to make such exercises extremely useful for other classes.

  2. Google earth can potentially accomplish some of the things i was trying to express (ie it'd be interesting to do a shared group map that people may comment on each of the visited sites themselves maybe even in real time through mobile devices, and to some extent you express distance covered with google directions). It would be ideal if there was our own little amendment to how that program worked to accommodate the ideas and data expressed within that graphic.