Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not just subtlety...

Finally had a chance to go through some Vegas photos. Wanted to share small number of observations. The first has to do with the less subtle aspects of the framework necessary to support the spectacle of Vegas.

This is the Wynn. One of Vegas' newest hotels:

While taking a walk just "behind" the 'Strip', which is to say, one street over and parallel. I came across this (massive) building:

Upon closer examination, it bore this sign:

That's right, staff parking. This parking lot, big enough for a mall in Canada (its almost as deep as it is wide), is reserved for the staff of the Wynn. Not so subtle.

This window awning from the Paladio is a bit more subtle. A cursory examination of the design wouldn't fool you as to the materiality, its metal, not cloth (as the one it is an imitation of would most likely be). But it might fool you into thinking the awning can be folded down. It sure looks that way. Of course, they don't fold at all:

A word on spectacle, of which there is no lack in Vegas. This is a vertical wine cellar with an automated robot retrieval system. The restaurant is built around the cellar, giving a whole new meaning to a restaurant built "around wine":

Finally, for those who might not have had a chance to go off the strip, some Frank Gehry in Vegas. Yes, he might not have had anything to do with City Center but even he has a building here:


  1. Good observations on the scale, accessibility, focus, and materiality issues that come about from visiting Las Vegas! If only more people could follow suit...

  2. I don't think that wine cellar is automated. Some people told me that they have 'wine angels' that climb up to get bottles.