Thursday, March 3, 2011

UNLV Charette Follow-Through: Desert Condition Example

Unlike other programs that only learn about architecture and design within a single climate zone, Ryerson and UNLV were able to leverage the charette as a platform to learn about the regional differences in construction practice, sustainable design strategies, and biomimetic approaches. 

It should be emphasized that all the work presented from the charette was done in large groups of seven students with relatively little familiarity with the design challenge.  Aside from the logistics and organizational behaviour issues that precipitate entropy and prolonged design decision making, the extremely limited time constraints created an interesting challenge for the students.  Fortunately the students were able to develop a good starting point for their designs during the charette.  The subsequent resolution executed by individual students at Ryerson kept the same rigor as they were only given 40 hours to reassess their design responses to the critical feedback from the charette at UNLV.

Once again, this is a sample of the material from the initial charette concept except in an arid condition:

Samples of Razmig's Design:

Samples of Marcella's Design:

Samples of Jessica's Design:


  1. Marvelous work! I'm inviting all of you to my Architectural Offices in New York. Hope to see you all there.

  2. Oh why thank you Mr Gehry! ...

  3. Dear Frank Gehry,
    I have unfortunatly not posted up my work for the springs preserve, however I am sure that you will love my ideas, and my final approach. if you dont mind I would love to meet up with you in your office sometime to show you my stuff/skills :)
    Im sure Marcella would be interested in joining us at this meeting.
    I will let her know.

  4. No worries, Serouj, I have seen your work at several exhibits. It far outweighs any of the work presented here. What time are you and marcella available?