Sunday, March 20, 2011

Creating Space

So it's been a while since I posted a blog, and have FINALLY decided to put up some of the stuff I've been developing for P4... To start this project, I first toggled around with the program, and figured that the most important aspect of the Cirque training facility is ultimately the training facilities and the need to keep them as functional as possible (no gimmicks in the way).

I first laid out some design principles

1. Combine Programs
2. Transparency where possible
3. All under one roof
4. Stay above grade where possible

The idea of a central common space with movable seating areas usable in both directions allows for the viewing of either the large training facility or the pool made for more areas to view makeshift performances in either facility. This also follows the first principle of 'combining programs'. (As seen in that tiny section on the right of the picture below).

Also seen here is a perspective of a section of the pool area with 'tree' columns to reach up to the roof. Instead of placing the outdoor auditorium in a seperate area outside the building skin, I decided to place it ON the large training facility creating a roof performance space with possible an opening roof system (think skydome). I also wanted to place the cafeteria on the upper levels as a nice end point in order to create a place that would allow for interection between staff, crew and visitors that would also be a great viewing point to see the entire facility (again think of the wolfgang puck restaurant at the springs preserve).

After setting the general space allocations, I then proceded to create the skin based on site and program perimeters. The space is meant to be one space with connections to multiple program in order to create continuity and also build visual dialogue between the various functional spaces. Though not all you see below will actually be solid cladding, this is the form for the moment until the rest ofthe sub-programming like the entrance and loading docks and parking are properly intergrated.

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