Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As mentioned in my last post, I am looking into facades which are able to filter and control daylight while also providing shading and protection from the desert sun.

Looking to a number of Renzo Piano’s projects for inspiration I went through a series of iterations which effectively act to let in daylight while minimizing both glare and heat gain.

Initial concepts were such that I was looking into a number of individual fins and components, but with the risk of it looking too bulky/distracting with all the connections I abandon it in search of cleaner lines. What I did like about this initial concept was the idea of these fins acting as ‘light scoops’, which led to the second iteration of a more curvilinear form which only allowed light in from certain directions-as shown on the top left.

Amalgamating these concepts, I have developed a light curvilinear form which peels away from the building where day lighting and views may be desired while also creating a shade. Those areas of the fa├žade which lay flat against the building act as a double skin, reflecting sunlight away from the building. In suggesting these panels be perforated metal, it is intended that vision into the building will be restricted during the day time hours with exception to the ‘peeled away’ areas while revealing the activities when lit from within during the night-effectively highlighting the activity/creating a stage.

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  1. Gradual twists would be very interesting as opposed to quick gestures. The aggregation of the long, gradual twists would make for a stronger cohesive envelope.