Monday, March 21, 2011


I have two problems as of now. (1) Modeling this building is a (insert desired word here). (2) Trying to adapt a biomimetic feature in the design of the building, especially for the detail model that is due in ONE WEEK is quite frustrating! Regardless, since my building is made of a lot of glass, I was going to design it to have operable windows so that air may by-pass when needed. I was also thinking of using smart glass to prevent from direct sunlight when needed, yet this has nothing to do with Biomimicry. HELP!

Here are pictures of the Museum of Tolerance by Frank Gehry, which I think are pretty cool. And one of a nice inner garden for the hell of it!

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  1. There is no specific requirement that you MUST use biomimetics in the design. It is merely a vehicle that would make sense given the extreme conditions that you are operating in.