Saturday, January 29, 2011

General Detailing - Bridge Continued

Bridge - Range of Motion and Ballast Placement. I was trying to determine the optimal range which would allow for the ballast to have the most effect.

Pin Connection. This is for the main arms of the bridges (there are four). The connection would allow them to rotate. Now that I think about it I may need to design a stop so the bridge doesnt fold up completely.

Cast Steel Shear Connection/Walkway. This connection allows for the walkway to fold up flush with itself which would not have been possible if the metal grate was placed on top of the connections.

Ballast Wheels - This is the device which would attach the ballasts to the arms and allow them to move as the water level rises and falls.

Ballast Structure. Preliminary attempts at designing the structure for the ballast and trying to reduce the overall weight by leaving only the load bearing portions of the members. I also was figuring out how the ballasts would be clad and where the seams would be.

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