Monday, January 17, 2011

First Steps at Biomimicry and Detailing

The first assignment is a quick exercise that investigates the prospects of working with biomimetic form via the SSEF Competition.  The project calls for a depth of insight in understanding the different scales and scope of biomimicry as well as the methods of leveraging students' knowledge of construction and detailing.  Many architecture and engineering students from all levels of education do well in this competition and a decent award and citation only make this project even more enticing. 

It should be noted that steel affords designers a great deal of flexibility and innovation so students should feel free to explore various methods and systems that may surface in their approaches to biomimetics.  Students need not feel bound to literal and heavy-handed approaches to design inspired by nature.  Remember that biomimicry is driven by not only form, but systems, relationships, and behaviors that are found in nature.  There will likely have to be a balance between subtlety and overt gestures to natural systems.

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