Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Design Development

After researching the likes of both Omar Khan and Achim Menges in attempt to merge the two concepts I was looking at before-pine cones and their ability to change in response to the environment and the natural structure of insect wings-I found that I was beginning to look at biomimicry as merely a representation of shape and structure rather than taking performance and natural response into consideration. In saying that, I have reverted back to my original concept of the pine cone which has the ability to passively respond to the environment-a more accurate interpretation in terms of biomimicy!

Taking from the natural performance of the pine cone responding to humidity, I am beginning to look at how individual components of a structure can rotate or change their position (passively) in response to the weather -increasing or decreasing permeability.
As of right now my design is looking toward somehow collecting rainwater /the weight of rainwater acting as a means of initiating the change in form.

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