Friday, January 21, 2011

Initial Design Ideas II

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  1. This second interpretation of biomimicry explores the ability of ants in creating living bridges using their bodies. By simply connecting themselves together, they are able to form a structurally stable bridge or tower to allow other colony members to cross gaps and boundries. Once the ants have no furthur use for the bridge, the individual ants disassemble and return to normal duties

    This is of course interesting as the over all structure is comprised of one type of 'module' that are in themselves flexible and are able to assume varying degrees of tolerance depending on its position within the collective structure. It also operates independent of other components and may make the manufacturing of seperate large components unneccessary.

    Architecturally, this means that we need only design one flexible component that is able to assume varing positions in the structure. The structure can of course change from a horizontal one to a vertical one with ease.