Monday, January 24, 2011

Progress Report 2

First thing's first, hey Jess, ouch, looks serious, hope you get well soon!

As for progress, below is an initial modeling exploration in Rhino. Needs a lot of work but the general idea is starting to take form...


  1. what are on the ends there?
    and what kind of relationship is the platform going to have to this?
    and how big are the cables?
    i guess i have a lot of questions...

  2. The ends - A work in progress.
    The platform - No direct relationship. The structure is designed to hold the platform up, the platfor itself is designed for walking on and must therefore remain roughly flat.
    How big are the cables - A good questions. I was thinking of them being roughly 20-30 cm in diameter but this needs to be thought out more.

    More questions? Feel free to bring them up.