Thursday, January 27, 2011

My newest contestant is a “water strider”, also known as the “Jesus-bug”; fitting, since it’s a bug that floats on water. This insect relies on surface tension in order to walk on top of water. The legs on these insects are designed to keep afloat as well as guide themselves across rivers, ponds, and streams, using its middle legs to guide and its forelegs as rudders. Fun fact: Their legs are water resistant.
As for the design I’m still designing a bridge, but now, the bridge will be floating above water, much like the lily pad, but this design will focus mostly on the mechanics of how it will work. As of now, I’m trying to design hinges, that will allow for movement, depending on the water levels, tension from the link between each platform, pontoons to help keep it float above water, but most importantly the hinges (legs), which will be the core of all its mechanics as they will be adjustable and acts as the links.

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