Saturday, January 29, 2011


Here is a look at some of my first permutations of form. Taking on the program of a band shell / pavilion one is immediately drawn to the generic “shell” formation. These initial ideas explore how I may be able to contain the program while defining a unique structure and maintaining a clear biomimetic link. The biggest challenge for me at this point is looking for a way to combine the structure and its performance into a curvilinear form to provide for its function when it in fact wants to be a more rigid / rectilinear form (not to mention much easier!)
Looking at both the form and structure, I have simultaneously been exploring the potential mechanics of the project, more specifically, how each of the steel members can come together to achieve the desired structure and response. In terms of the mechanics of the structure, I feel the most difficult part in regards to my design is finding the balance between static and dynamic components and how these two approaches can in fact work seamlessly together.

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