Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Initial Design Ideas (that have been shelved for now)

This is a composition of two aspects of two different lifeforms, the scales come from fishes, and the air bladder from the Portugese Man O War. This combination of components aim to create a passive ventilation system on the ceiling of a given interior space built of 'scales' that are independent from its neighbours. Hot air from below rises up and heats up the 'air bladder' thereby causing the molecules inside the bladder to expand giving the panel boyancy lifting the panel and ventilating the interior space. The amount of heat determines the size of the opening such that it is relative to the temperature directly under the panel. (The image at the bottom is just a look at structural systems inspired by a wing for a canopy.)

This idea has for the moment been shelved because of the simple fact that the primary element in this component cannot be made of steel. But it may be used at a later time.

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