Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Question

I would like to pose a question to anyone who might want to take a shot at answering it. Based on some of the readings that we have done, it occurs to me that there is a certain limited scope in which the SSEF competition can accomplish.( NO Vince, I'm not saying its wrong!!!). As interesting as the topic of Biomimicry is, it may or may not be the correct theme to go with steel. As Jainine Benyus has mentioned in her book, many of the processed materials that we use today in our building construction is flawed (including steel). (Benyus, pg 97)

Therefore, I pose this question. How much of a wholistic approach should we be taking as Architects the level of Biomimicry in this project, or are we to remain at a superficial level...?

(Or maybe i'm just over thinking it...)


  1. over thinking it. obviously (joke)

    (This is how i see it)(my opinion)>>>>>
    i completely agree with you that, in the end, what we produce would be somewhat superficial but that does not matter because to accomplish what i think your suggesting would not make it "mimicry" but actual biology.

    i think that we should be aiming to "improve" materials, methods and technology using nature. maybe in the far future there would be no distinction between materials, methods, technology and biology but for now mimicry is that best we can do. (maybe think of it as a transition)

  2. I think you might be focusing too heavily on the formal aspect of the design (that may be limited by steel construction) as opposed to using the functional aspect of the natural element you are mimicking as the driving force in your design. For example: is it supposed to LOOK like X in steel or ACT like X in steel.

  3. Had an interesting comment from Dov regarding the matter, mostly that we would for the most part be using steel in an interpretive context with regard to the way nature would do it. Either way, I'm definately think of it as the first stepping stone into ONE aspect of Biomimicry as opposed to the way I believe it should be done. WIll be interesting to see how the next 3 parts of studio unfolds... :)

  4. I agree with Dov that it is more interpretive than anything. Seeing as a huge part of biomimicry is "innovation inspired by nature", the usage of steel does not need to be literal but more so an inspired idea...