Monday, January 24, 2011

Deployable Architecture - Silver Fern - Part 1

Alright... So lets begin by state by saying that I'm sticking with the theme I suggested in my first post. (Flexible/transformable architecture - looking at nature's way of modifying the physical state through the changing of volume/shape)

What better way to look at changing shape in nature than the leaf. More interestingly, the silver fern.

(Watch it unfold!)

<--- Final Outcome

I will be designing an interactive space in which the state of the architecture will vary amongst the seasons/night and day/ at the minimum. The program entails a deployable bridge along with interchangeable spaces in the public realm. (Winter time, the bridge would extend to its fullest - bridging the gap. Summer time, the bridge will be in its "unfurl" stage, ready to bloom! Hence spectators can walk along the entire perimeter of the board walk to enjoy Toronto's fantastic summer weather, as well as the unfurling bridge.)

That leads to the next topic. Site. I choose two prospective locations, but both have slight issues with them.

Site # 1 - South of the intersection of Queens Quay and Spadina. (This is actually a great space where a connection can be drawn from the HTO Park to the Music Park on the West. Nevertheless, West 8's deck is just north of there. Regardless, that is possesses the most mildest waves, in comparison to the other decks, what I propose on site might take away their design.)

Site # 2 - Just east of Site # 1. Problem with this site is the fire station on the east side of the dock. Hm problems?

Now I have some sketches in the works to explain my design....wait!

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