Sunday, January 30, 2011


This post is going to seem like it’s in the wrong place after what Dov just posted (thanks, Dov) but rest assured, progress is being made (finally…)

I spent most of last week contemplating and researching (and over-thinking) for new design ideas, only to return to my initial concept of a deployable structure (serving primarily as rain protection.)

Sea anemones continue to be a source of 'inspiration', though I've been exploring species beyond worms – ‘Cinnamon’ the Coco Worm was limiting my design rather than inspiring it. Some stunning images that I couldn't help but share:

Strawberry Anemone

Zebra Anemone

This one doesn't have a cool name.. Aggregating Anemone

My initial proposal aimed at designing a structure over the Molson Amphitheater to serve as rain protection for outdoor concerts and events – it made sense to have for the design to be deployable as the a permanent structure would have completely changed the dynamic of the space. Each version of the design became more complex than the last until eventually I had a completely overwhelming and unnecessary structure over the space. I was unhappy with what I envisioned the end product as being and decided to continue to pursue a similar design but at a smaller scale. In reconsidering the design, the criteria for the final product are the following: practical, easily expandable/retractable (using a passive system), versatile (can be used in various locations), durable – and most notably, it is important that the final product add value to the space without completely taking over it.

The final product will require a few more revisions, but I am confident in the direction it’s headed.

These sketches are somewhat inaccurate after a late-night 'eureka' moment...I will post again in the next couple of days to give you a better sense of where I'm at.

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  1. Deployment as a passive system will have to be elaborated upon.